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Cricket Game

In India, Cricket isn't just a game. It is a bona fide religion. A religion where cricketers are Gods and every victory is a festival.
Taking it as hobby is easy because anyone can play this game. Even a small kid knows the rules of Cricket. But if you really want to play a serious Cricket and want to pursue this as your future, then it requires commitment and proper training. And here the role of SPSSA comes.
Mobility, posture and flexibility are key components in cricket fitness. Often they ignored by cricketers. They are not as useful as technique and not as hardcore as endurance or strength training.
The warm up bridges this gap between cricket performance and normal life. Think of your warm up as ramp to the top of your game: Without it you will struggle to get to the top.
SPSSA is committed to empower our trainees by providing them Best-in-class and latest training equipment’s.

At SPSSA we provides

  • Diet and Nutrition Education
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cricketing Discipline
  • On the filed and Off the field Discipline
  • Rewards and Recognitions
  • Match Practice
  • Regular Matches
  • AExposure in Trophy’s and Tournaments across the country

Physical Fitness Program

    • General warm-up and Importance of warm-up
    • Specific Warm-up and Importance of specific warm-up
    • Mental Readiness for the game
    • Concentration and Focusing on the game
    • Gym workout (Strength and Cardiac)

Practice Sessions

    • Net Practice
    • Specific Batting / Fielding / Bowling Drills (Applied on Nets)
    • Practice on different pitches (like Cement wicket, Turf wicket, Matting wicket)
    • Analysis of the Net Session
    • Feedback from the players
    • Regular Fitness Test and Medical Awareness
    • First Aid Education

Skill & Technique

    • Batting
    • Bowling
    • Fielding
    • Wicket Keeping
    • Specific Batting Drills
    • Specific Bowling Drills
    • Specific Wicket Keeping Drills
    • Creative and Interactive Practice Sessions